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Time for a new post

2008-04-04 05:07:57 by West-End-Pro

So here you go.

... * yawn* ...

Wii Tennis

2008-02-19 16:02:05 by West-End-Pro

I'm addicted to it. Are you?


2007-11-17 16:18:40 by West-End-Pro

I finally caved in, and decided to buy myself a Wii from the money I got for my birthday. Got a couple of games with, fifa 08, and zelda, not including Wii Sports. I've got to say its pretty good, not disappointing at all. It took a while for me to actually find one. I was originally intent on buying one from the internet, but they were all out of stock :(, so I went down to the shops, and to my surprise they had loads in stock. Yay!

Has anybody got a Wii? And if so, what d'you think of them? Comments please :)


2007-09-29 06:27:30 by West-End-Pro

17 today!